Logitech Sight 360 Degree Companion Camera

The Logitech Sight is an intelligent 360 degree companion camera that sits in the centre of a room and collaborates with a front-of-room Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to combine the best views of meeting participants seated around the table. This overcomes the disadvantages of only having a centre of room 360 degree camera/audio unit which cannot capture the faces or voices of those participants sitting forward of it and paying attention to the remote attendees, possibly the primary reason for having a conference call in the first place.

The Logitech Sight’s adaptive intelligence features, capture voices deeper into the room, while automatically switching between active speakers as the conversation shifts.

Together, the Rally Bar with Sight companion, provide an improved and more inclusive meeting room experience, compatible with PCs, Macs & MTRs conferencing over any leading video platform such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.



  • 315 Degree Video Capture
  • 4k Camera
  • 7 Beam forming Microphones
  • Microphone mute controls
  • Magnetic privacy shade
  • Video compatible with, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet

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Pricing - Stand alone unit

960-001510 CAM-LT-SIGHT Logitech Sight 360 degree AI "companion" Camera. £57.61

Monthly fee is based on 36 monthly repayments, options of 12, 24, 48 and 60 month repayments are available. *subject to financial status*

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