ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch – Enhances UC Room Integration

Is your Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) truly equipped for the Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) era?

While Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platforms like Microsoft Teams Room have simplified in-room meetings. They can sometimes fall short in bridging the gap between in-room participants and remote workers in today’s hybrid work environment. Common scenarios like wirelessly sharing content from personal devices or participating in non-MTR meetings, have often posed limitations to the overall effectiveness of meeting rooms.

The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch is here to intelligently enhance the integration of your UC room, unlocking its full potential. Why compromise when you can transform your UC meeting room into a versatile space, that caters to both UC meetings and BYOM sessions? The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch seamlessly bridges the gap between these two experiences. Automatically managing room peripherals such as cameras, microphones, speakers, and touchscreens.

The best part? No user intervention is required, and it won’t disrupt your existing UC or BYOM setup. ScreenBeam simply knows when to switch resources, offering a hassle-free and fluid transition.

Not every meeting space boasts an MTR setup, and that’s where the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch truly shines. It provides users with the flexibility to choose between wireless and wired connections for their BYOM sessions. Ensuring that even guest presenters with locked-down devices can effortlessly drive their meetings. It also extends the capabilities of your UC room, making BYOM experiences seamless without the need for additional room resource devices.

Key Features:

    1. Seamless Wireless Content Sharing – Elevate your MTR meetings by adding wireless content sharing capabilities. Making presentations and collaborations smoother and more engaging.
    2. Touch Display Annotation – The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch supports annotation on touch displays during wireless content sharing sessions. Fostering interactive and creative collaboration.
  1. Hardwire Support – For meeting rooms without an MTR, the USB Pro Switch adds support for both HDMI displays and USB cameras through hardwired connections, ensuring compatibility and connectivity options for a wider range of setups.

Incorporate the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch into your UC meeting room and take a step forward in embracing the BYOM revolution.

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