ScreenBeam 960: Elevate Your Meeting Spaces

ScreenBeam 960 is tailor-made to deliver a seamless, hassle-free wireless presentation and collaboration solution for Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

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ScreenBeam 960

ScreenBeam 960 is tailor-made to cater to the requirements of small businesses and start-ups, delivering a seamless, hassle-free wireless presentation and collaboration solution for Windows, Android, and Apple devices. Transform your meeting spaces with this wireless display receiver that not only supports native screen mirroring but also extends your desktop and enables interactive touch displays.

Effortless connectivity with a simple click or swipe, ScreenBeam 960 allows you to effortlessly connect your mobile device to the room display. The extended desktop feature ensures you can use your device for other actions while presenting, and it offers support for interactive touch displays, fostering collaboration on the front-of-room screen.

ScreenBeam 960 offers:

  • Native wireless screen mirroring, eliminating the need for apps or wires
  • Trouble-free presenting from anywhere in the room
  • Collaborative wireless interaction with touch screen support
  • Seamless sharing of content, be it videos, images, or slides
  • Quick meeting initiation and smooth presenter transitions
  • Extended screen use for other actions on your device
  • Multiport connectivity and high-quality audio
  • Ideal for commercial applications and dense wireless environments
  • Centralised IT management to save resources and budget
  • Minimal training required, making it easy to use
Universal Device Compatibility:  Device compatibility should never limit your digital presentations. ScreenBeam 960 leads the way in wireless display technology for small businesses and start-ups, offering compatibility across Windows, Android, and iOS devices. This cross-compatible design eliminates the need for wires and device-specific adapters, simplifying the meeting setup process and allowing seamless transitions between devices during meetings. Presenters can use their own devices, reducing touchpoints in meetings.
Modern, Interactive Meetings: Whether your business is brand new or well-established, digital transformation fuels growth and flexibility. Modern meeting spaces include interactive touch displays accessible through tablets, phones, or touch screen computers. Enabling users to interact with content, take notes, and collaborate effectively. ScreenBeam 960 revolutionises traditional meetings by offering native screen mirroring from Windows, Apple, and Android devices. Wireless display ensures meetings run smoothly, eliminating the hassle of searching for cables or installing apps. With ScreenBeam 960, impromptu and planned meetings are equally effortless, fostering a more collaborative, engaging, and efficient workspace. Presenters can drive and interact with their content from anywhere in the room, enhancing meeting collaboration, interaction, and productivity.
Designed for Small Businesses & Start-Ups: ScreenBeam 960 was purposefully designed to meet the needs and demands of modern small businesses and start-ups. Its versatile mounting and placement options allow for ceiling, table, or concealed installation, maintaining a sleek wireless aesthetic. For those who prefer traditional presentation methods, the VGA input provides the flexibility for non-wireless clients to connect conventionally. ScreenBeam 960 streamlines connectivity and content sharing while eliminating cable clutter.
Device Management & Cybersecurity: The ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS) is included with ScreenBeam 960, offering a free perpetual license for the life of the product. CMS provides software for IT professionals to easily deploy, manage, remotely configure, group, customise, apply policies, and push device firmware updates to all ScreenBeam receivers within the network. With the ScreenBeam local management console included in the receiver, setup is a breeze. Users can rename a receiver, manage display ports, change the PIN pairing password, and more.

Elevate your small business or start-up with ScreenBeam 960, the ultimate solution for wireless presentation and collaboration. Contact our dedicated Sales Team today to see how this will work in your meeting room environment!


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