LOGITECH TAP SCHEDULER: Meeting Room Scheduling Solution

In today’s fast-paced work environment, finding the right meeting space at the right time is crucial for productive collaboration. That’s where the Logitech Tap Scheduler comes into play. This purpose-built scheduling panel is designed to streamline your meeting room booking process, making it easier than ever to manage your meeting spaces effectively.

Meeting Room Booking Made Effortless Whether you’re planning an impromptu meeting or scheduling one for the future, the Logitech Tap Scheduler simplifies the process. It seamlessly integrates with leading room scheduling solutions, ensuring that employees can easily view meeting details and reserve rooms with just a few taps.

Let’s delve into some of its standout features:

  • Visual Availability at a Glance The Tap Scheduler uses coloured LED lights to provide a quick visual cue for room availability, even from a distance. A green light indicates that the room is available, while a red-light signals that it’s occupied. This visual indicator eliminates the need to check multiple calendars, helping you find an open room in seconds.
  • Seamless Installation Setting up the Tap Scheduler is a breeze. It comes with included mounts and cable management options to ensure a clean and professional installation. You can choose from three mounting options:
  • Glass Mounting: Secure the Tap Scheduler discreetly while maintaining a clean aesthetic on both sides of glass partitions.
  • Mullion Mounting: Attach the scheduler to a door or window frame for maximum visibility using the provided mount.
  • Wall Mounting: Place and secure the Tap Scheduler anywhere on a wall to suit your room’s layout.
  • Purpose-Built Design The Tap Scheduler is thoughtfully designed with a spacious screen and a sleek, unobtrusive profile. Its user-friendly interface ensures that users can easily navigate and schedule meetings. Plus, its durable components are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring reliable performance that lasts.
  • Maximize Your Meeting Spaces From phone booths to video conferencing rooms to cosy hangout nooks, the Tap Scheduler can be seamlessly integrated into various meeting spaces. This flexibility allows employees to quickly identify and book the right location for their meetings. Simple installations and an intuitive user experience encourage rapid deployment and user adoption.
  • Compatible with Leading Platforms The Tap Scheduler plays well with others. It integrates seamlessly with Logitech’s suite of room solutions, making it compatible with popular collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms. This ensures a seamless meeting experience and raises the bar on collaboration in your organisation.

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is your go-to solution for optimising meeting room bookings. Its user-friendly features, sleek design, and compatibility with leading platforms make it an indispensable tool for any modern workplace.


Say goodbye to meeting room scheduling hassles and welcome a new era of efficient collaboration with the Logitech Tap Scheduler. Have a chat with one of our specialised Sale Team today and see how this will integrate seamlessly with your currently Logitech environment.

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