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Experience Seamless Meetings with GoBright Room Booking

Elevate your meeting room management with GoBright. Discover meeting room availability and secure your booking in seconds using our convenient solutions.

  • Optimise space utilisation and avoid unnecessary costs by identifying underutilised meeting rooms.
  • Eliminate double bookings and interruptions for efficient office space utilization.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive room booking software with additional options such as Wayfinding, Room Control, Mapping, and Room Sensors.

User Benefits – The office serves as the central hub for flexible collaboration and communication. Efficiency reigns supreme with a reduction in interruptions and double bookings. Stay connected whether working remotely or online. Easily book catering and services alongside your meeting reservations. Seamless integration with Outlook, MS Teams, and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Employer Benefits – Streamline office meetings with user-friendly, smartly equipped meeting rooms. Increase efficiency by preventing empty meeting room wastage. Save on real estate costs, including lighting and power consumption. Analyse and manage meeting room occupancy with detailed analytics. Minimise errors with our automated room booking system.

Discover Hardware Solutions:

The Interact – a versatile hardware device for both Room Booking and Desk Booking. Its touch screen allows users to make ad hoc bookings and customise desk settings effortlessly. Personalised workstation preferences are stored in the GoBright Portal, enhancing productivity and ergonomics in shared office spaces. The Interacts sleek design allows flexible mounting options, accommodating various meeting room types.


Room Panel – Say goodbye to room availability disruptions with the GoBright Room Panel. Displayed outside meeting rooms, it instantly indicates room status (green for available, red for occupied) and provides meeting duration information. Make ad hoc bookings on the spot and release rooms early, ensuring clarity and convenience for all employees.

Room Control – Empower your meetings with Room Control, enabling easy management of AV equipment. Turn on displays, select input sources, and adjust speaker volume effortlessly. Report equipment issues directly through the Control screen, notifying facility or ICT managers for prompt resolution. Track meeting duration and extend sessions when needed, all while staying connected to the cloud-based portal, app, and mapping.


Wayfinding – Visualise meeting room locations and upcoming schedules with Wayfinding. Ideal for reception areas or floor entrances, it guides colleagues, customers, and visitors seamlessly through your building. Wayfinding is adaptable to different screen sizes and orientations, even supporting large displays for maximum impact. Customise displayed information, including room capacity, options, bookings, and host names. Enhance its functionality by integrating it with GoBright View for targeted digital signage.

Explore Software Solutions:

Portal – Effortlessly manage and store settings, configurations, and booking history with the Room Booking online management tool. Personalise your dashboard and add details such as photos and desk characteristics for enhanced room booking experiences.

Mobile App – Make room bookings on the go with our Mobile App. Check in and out, access your personal booking dashboard, and enjoy the convenience of mobile room management.

Integrations – Maximise your technology investments by seamlessly integrating with popular platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Workspace, Active Directory, and more.

Mapping – Access GoBright Mapping via touch screens, the portal, or the mobile app. Get a visual overview of your entire office, check room and desk availability, locate nearby workspaces, and even find your booked desk. Customise your floor maps and add points of interest like toilets, elevators, and emergency exits.


Outlook Plugin – Enhance your Outlook experience with the GoBright Outlook Plugin. Simplify room booking, catering, and service reservations directly within Outlook. Keep everything in sync with your calendar and the GoBright platform.

Room Sensors – Optimise your Room Booking software with room sensors. These sensors accurately track room occupancy, even in unbooked meetings, and automatically free up rooms when they’re no longer in use.

Analytics – Gain insights into office space utilisation with GoBright Analytics. Analyse data based on room bookings, check-ins, and room sensor data to understand user behaviour and preferences. Reduce no-shows, optimise room types, and explore new ways of working.

Book Your Locker – Conveniently book lockers near meeting rooms for longer meetings. Check locker availability via Mapping, the Portal, or the Mobile App. Operate your locker with the GoBright Mobile App or NFC card, and even book lockers for guests.

Integrations – GoBright seamlessly integrates with Vecos and Lehmann locks, offering a suitable locker solution for every situation.

Catering & Services – Effortlessly book catering and services alongside your meetings. Customise your service catalogue, streamline orders, and eliminate miscommunication or errors. Real-time monitoring of application status is available for both organisers and relevant departments.

GoBright offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize your meeting room management and enhance office efficiency. With their user-friendly software and versatile hardware devices, they empower both users and employers to make the most of their office space, minimise disruptions, and streamline the entire meeting experience.

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