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ClickShare Management Suite

Barco ClickShare sharing 4 screens worth of data

ClickShare Management Suite gives a real-time overview of all ClickShare Base Units installed within the company network. From a central position, system administrators can consult a range of information and perform software updates for any ClickShare unit, at any location, without leaving their desk. This is especially useful in large corporations with many ClickShare Base Units installed across different sites.

Updating without interrupting

By scheduling software updates, the administrator can easily set the time for the update outside of business hours, avoiding meeting interruptions. With a single click, the latest firmware is available in the ClickShare Management Suite and ready to be installed on all units in the network.

The ClickShare Management Suite is very simple to install. All you need is a (virtual) server, on which you can install the software using the ISO image provided.

Great flexibility, now and in the future

Because ClickShare Management Suite is a web-based tool, the system administrator can use it anywhere, even remotely. 

This first release focuses on providing information and scheduling software updates; next issues will introduce a wealth of interactive features, including reporting and notification.

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Barco ClickShare sharing 4 screens worth of data
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