Introducing the Poly Studio X70: Elevate Your Meeting Experience

Are you ready for the ultimate meeting experience? Look no further than the Poly Studio X70 video bar, a sophisticated fusion of exquisite design and cutting-edge technology. Transform your large meeting rooms into vibrant hubs of collaboration with stunning 4K video and immersive stereo sound. Say goodbye to cable clutter and IT support hassles, thanks to its seamless, all-in-one construction.

AI-driven video and audio experiences redefine the way you connect in large-room video calls, making every interaction a hassle-free delight. The Poly Studio X70 effortlessly switches between wide-angle and narrow lenses, ensuring sharp detail and optimal visibility for everyone in your medium and large meeting spaces.

Get ready for your close-up with Poly’s revolutionary DirectorAI smart camera technology. Whether it’s group framing, people framing, or speaker framing, tailor your meeting experience for maximum equity in hybrid meetings. Poly Studio X70 integrates seamlessly with native applications for leading cloud video providers like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, providing users with a consistent and familiar interface across platforms.

Experience crystal-clear, boardroom-filling audio that exceeds expectations, thanks to Poly’s two-way stereo speakers and advanced bass ports. The advanced 2nd-order gradient microphone array ensures a next-level audio experience, regardless of which side of the call you’re on.

Empower your IT team with Poly Lens software, offering visibility and control over voice, video, and headset devices. From deployment and configuration to updates and valuable insights, Poly Lens simplifies the process with a scalable platform that requires no heavy IT lifting.

Upgrade to the Poly Studio X70 and redefine your meeting space with unparalleled design, advanced technology, and a commitment to delivering the best damn meeting experience available. Elevate your meetings to new heights and make every interaction count with Poly Studio X70.


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Pricing - Stand alone unit
SKU Our Part Code Short Description Monthly
7200-87290-102 VC-POLY-X70-REM Poly Studio X70 VideoBar + Remote. £137.27
7200-87300-102 VC-POLY-X70-TC8 Poly Studio X70 VideoBar + TC8 8" touch controller. £147.01
7200-88155-102 VC-POLY-X70-TC10 Poly Studio X70 VideoBar + TC10 10" touch controller. £147.01

Monthly fee is based on 36 monthly repayments, options of 12, 24, 48 and 60 month repayments are available. *subject to financial status*

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