Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – Phones

Welcome to our comprehensive list of Microsoft Certified Phones.

Below, you’ll find a curated collection of systems that have achieved Microsoft certification, ensuring they meet the highest standards of compatibility, performance, and reliability.

Certified Phones.

AudioCodes C435HD
AudioCodes C448HD(Cap Mode Only)
AudioCodes C450HD
AudioCodes C455HD
Audiocodes C470HD
Crestron UC-2
Crestron UC-P10/T/CT
Crestron UC-P8/T /CT
Poly CCX350
Poly CCX400
Poly CCX500
Poly CCX505
Poly CCX600
Poly Trio C60
Yealink CP965
Yealink EXP50 supported on MP56, MP58, VP59
Yealink MP52
Yealink MP54
Yealink MP56
Yealink MP58
Yealink VP59

What is Microsoft Certification – Click Here

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