Introducing ScreenBeam 1100 Plus: Wireless Presentation

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus: Wireless Presentation & Unified Communications Powerhouse

Are you in search of a versatile, high-performing wireless presentation and unified communications platform for your hybrid meeting spaces?

Look no further!

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is the answer to your needs, offering seamless integration of Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) into a winning platform.

The demand for flexible, hybrid meeting technology solutions is on the rise. These solutions seamlessly connect remote and in-person meeting participants with various video conferencing services. Our ScreenBeam Conference experience adds wireless connectivity to room cameras, microphones, and speakers, with support for all major video conferencing services. This comprehensive experience is powered by the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus, renowned as the industry’s most adaptable collaboration platform.

App-Free Wireless Display – ScreenBeam 1100 Plus takes your connectivity to the next level by supporting native-OS screen sharing capabilities in your devices. No app downloads, dongles, or cables are needed. Users can wirelessly share and annotate content on the room display effortlessly. Additionally, it can connect to both internal and guest networks simultaneously without compromising security. HDMI input is also available for older devices without wireless capability, alongside integrated digital signage and more. ScreenBeam excels in ease of use, performance, flexibility, and offers a lower total cost of ownership.
ScreenBeam Alert – Enhance your emergency response programs with ScreenBeam Alert. This powerful tool instantly transmits alerts and notifications to any meeting room or classroom equipped with a ScreenBeam-enabled display. It’s available as a free feature within ScreenBeam’s Enterprise-class Central Management System (CMS-E).
ScreenBeam MultiBeam – A free feature with the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus Receiver, enables content mirroring. Whether it’s video or wireless presentations, across wired, wireless, or a combination of both networks, supporting resolutions of up to 4k30p.
Multi-Network Support – Why choose between internal or external network connections for your wireless display solution when you can have both? ScreenBeam can connect to both simultaneously without compromising your internal network’s security.
Ghost Inking™ Removes Latency – Enjoy wireless content mark-up on the room display using Microsoft Windows Ink native in all Microsoft Office 365 apps. Plus ScreenBeam’s Ghost Inking™ technology eliminates wireless inking latency, providing a more intuitive and natural pen-to-paper experience.
Digital Signage for Employee and Guest Communications – Utilise idle displays in conference and meeting rooms to transmit employee and guest communications with integrated HTML-based digital signage capabilities.
Multi-View for Collaborative Meetings – During meetings, up to four presenters in-room can share content simultaneously. This feature makes real-time editing of materials a breeze.
Quick Switch Mode – Presenters can seamlessly switch control without disconnecting, eliminating time-wasting delays and ensuring meetings stay on track.
Multi-User and Role-Based Device Management – Every ScreenBeam 1100 Plus includes Central Management System (CMS) Enterprise software, allowing you to monitor and manage ScreenBeam receivers effortlessly. It supports multi-user and role-based access for large deployments across multiple sites and administrators.
Three Levels of Security – Rest easy with ScreenBeam’s three levels of security: connection level security, session level security with AES128 encryption, and customisable PIN pairing options. These features provide IT/AV departments with complete control over user connection models, ensuring only authorised users connect to the receiver.



ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is your ultimate solution for delivering the best in-room experience and flexible Unified Communications implementation. Join the future of hybrid meetings with ScreenBeam!

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