DTEN Vue Pro – Customise Your Video Meetings.

The DTEN VUE PRO – Capturing what matters!

Introducing DTEN Vue Pro, a ground-breaking set of four professional 4K cameras meticulously engineered to capture participants in your meeting room at eye level.

Unlike conventional PTZ cameras designed for wide-angle shots, DTEN Vue Pro employs dual lenses in each pair of camera units, usually positioned each side of the display/s for crystal-clear capture of all meeting room participants.

DTEN Vue Pro boasts a cutting-edge 4K camera lens system powered by advanced smart framing AI, capable of identifying and dynamically framing participants with sharp headshots, regardless of their position relative to the front of the room system. The strategic placement of Vue Pro’s lenses ensures a direct and clear view of participants, even in common table arrangements where people sit perpendicular to the camera.

DTEN Vue Pro offers an expansive 160-degree camera coverage, free from the typical issues associated with PTZ cameras, such as jittery movements and “fisheye” visual distortions.

Regardless of your room’s dimensions, whether it’s small, large, wide, or narrow, DTEN Vue Pro discreetly optimises each camera view to create a natural and immersive video meeting experience.

As a companion camera system, it seamlessly enhances the built-in centre camera of the DTEN D7X range, delivering enhanced versatility and a more authentic meeting ambiance for both in-room and remote team members. DTEN Vue Pro preserves image clarity, whether participants are seated 2m, 4m or 8m away from the camera. Installation is straightforward with the DTEN Vue Pro effortlessly sliding into a secure socket mount set into on both sides of the 55″ and 75” variants of the DTEN D7X Windows Edition.

Once in place, DTEN Vue Pro seamlessly calibrates to the room and is ready for immediate use.

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