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Lifesize Device Service Subscription (DSS) via VideoCentric

The Lifesize’s Device Subscription Service (DSS) offers the same level of Helpdesk Support, Advance Replacement for faulty hardware and access to Software Updates and Enhancements, as the earlier AMS services that formed part of VideoCentric’s Gold Service Level Agreement (SLA). See below for details that have remained unchanged.

The difference from 2018 onwards, is that DSS allows for the pairing Lifesize Devices (220-series and Icon-series) with Lifesize Cloud purely for management and support purposes, regardless of whether a Multipoint Service (VMR) is subscribed to or not, entitling endpoint customers to benefit from:

  • Remaining current on all Software Updates
  • Centrally managing Directories with auto-synchronisation across all devices
  • Presence-enabled phonebooks
  • Real-time Alerts for preventative device maintenance
  • Improved statistics & reporting
  • Customised Buttons on Lifesize HD Phone
  • Automatic Firewall Traversal of privately connected (NAT’d) LAN devices
  • Point-to-point calling with 3rd party apps
  • Web browser invitations for guests globally
  • Calendar Integration & Synchronisation
  • Click-to-call dialling at the touch of a button


Customers with current DSS subscriptions who DO WISH to pair to their Lifesize Icon/220 devices should get in touch with VideoCentric’s support team who will help them through pairing & setting up a DSS account. 

Customers with current DSS subscriptions who DO NOT WISH to pair devices can continue to download software updates from Lifesize’s website as and when advised of availability by VideoCentric.


What has not changed:

  • Telephone Helpdesk Support – Continue to call VideoCentric Technical Support on +44 (0)118 979 8905
  • Email Help – Continue emailing VideoCentric on
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement in the event of a diagnosed issue with an item of equipment covered by DSS
  • On-site Escalation in the event of Advance Hardware Replacement failing to fix the problem diagnosed
  • Video Test Lines operated by VideoCentric 24×7
  • Remote Refresher Training provided by VideoCentric up to 4 times per year
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support provided by Lifesize for Large Account and Enterprise Account subscribers

DSS Renewal Policy:

  • The safest way to ensure that your investment is always protected is to renew your Lifesize DSS before it expires.
  • It is recommended that renewal with VideoCentric is discussed at least 3 months prior to its due date.
  • Any 220-series or Icon-series device may be renewed through to End of Service Life (EoSL) regardless of whether it has already expired or not.
  • If your DSS policy lapses, your cloud-connectivity and all the benefits listed above, will be lost, until renewed.
  • A lapsed policy, if renewed, will have a 90 days limitation period applied by Lifesize, during which time no equipment may be returned for Advance Replacement.
  • If a hardware failure occurs on a system with lapsed DSS cover, then DSS cannot be reapplied. Instead options will be given to purchase a new, pre-used or refurbished system with DSS.



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