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This is an end of life product – Contact our sales team for the more up to date models.

VidyoMobile delivers telepresence-quality multipoint video conferencing on iOS (including the new iPhone 4S) or Android based smart phones and tablet devices. As an integrated endpoint in the VidyoConferencing™ solution, VidyoMobile delivers much-needed error resiliency and low latency video communication for today’s increasingly mobile enterprises. An intuitive interface and simple commands make it easy for VidyoMobile users to participate and share data with other mobile, desktop or room system endpoints.

  • Support on Android and iOS
  • Works over WiFi, 3G and 4G
  • Integrates with VidyoRoom & Vidyo Desktop
  • Integrates with H.323 and SIP endpoints
  • Multipoint conferencing with datashare


The VidyoMobile app is simple to install and use, with all pre and in-call controls handled from the same application and user interface. VidyoMobile users have full control over their layout and can choose which participants they want to view, dynamically change between portrait and landscape orientations as well as preferred speaker and continuous presence modes. Since multiple participants can share data into the conference at the same time, VidyoMobile offers a content dock where shared data may be previewed and selected or returned to the dock and hidden off screen, all at the user’s touch.

VidyoMobile Benefits

  • Easy Installation with intuitive user interface
  • Decode up to 720p and encode up to VGA quality
  • Real-time low latency natural interactions
  • Customisable screen layouts including preferred speaker and continuous presence
  • Data and application share viewing options with integrated layouts

Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering Architecture enables VidyoMobile to provide telepresence quality video conferencing over general data networks. Through this architecture, video streams are dynamically optimised to provide the best quality video based on both the capabilities of the mobile device and the performance of the wireless network. To acheive this, the VidyoRouter and VidyoMobile clent work together, continuously monitoring video quality and network performance to make real time adjustments to the video streams.

VidyoMobile can be purchased as part of a Vidyo Solution or as part of a VideoCentric Cloud Service. Contact VideoCentric for more information about their service offering and how the Vidyo solution can form part of your network.


User Interface

• Intuitive user interface designed for smartphone and tablet sized touch screens


  • Full control over video layout
  • Dynamic Continuous Presence or Active Speaker switching
  • Dynamic portrait or landscape orientation switching
  • Participant “pinning” and “docking” to control which participantare on screen
  • On-demand participant dock for thumbnail browsing and selection of participants to be displayed
  • On-demand content dock for thumbnail browsing and selection of shared content to be displayed
  • Supports device’s native gesture controls such as “pinch” for zoom and “swipe” to pan
  • Participant and content docks are badged with the number of participants/content in each dock
  • Self-view mode controlled same way as other participant videos
  • On-screen participant name presentation


  • User detail view provides user status and email address
  • Room detail view provides room occupancy status, lock status, and PIN status
  • Users can lock/unlock their room and set/clear room PIN
  • Add/remove users from personal contact list

Video Features

  • Multipoint conferencing with data share viewing
  • Point-to-point calling with data share viewing
  • Dynamic adaptation to changes in network and CPU conditions via Adaptive Video Layering
  • H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
  • Decode up to HD 720p and encodes up to VGA (device dependent)
  • Switching between front and rear facing cameras (may not be supported on all devices)
  • Privacy mode (muting local video capture)

Audio Features

  • Supports multipoint and point-to-point conferencing
  • Leverages built-in microphone and speakers with device’s acoustic echo cancellation
  • 16KHz audio
  • Independent microphone and speaker muting controls

Content Sharing

  • Content share dock for management of multiple participant content sharing
  • Content share viewing with panning and zoom-in/zoom-out support
  • Content viewed as large screen overlay, in Preferred Speaker window or as part of continuous presence layout
  • H.239 content sharing from legacy H.323 endpoints supported (via VidyoGateway)


  • Client accessible via the web and downloaded from central location
  • User accounts established at the VidyoPortal
  • Can use same login credentials on VidyoMobile as VidyoDesktop
  • Users manage contact lists locally
  • Full access to VidyoPortal directory for name based look up
  • Presence indication for users in database
  • On-screen frame rate and resolution call statistics available per participant
  • Manage device’s mic and speakers in pre-call interface
  • Call detail records generated at the VidyoPortal


  • Compatible with VidyoRouter Cloud Edition for native firewall traversal
  • STUN and ICE protocols supported for NAT traversal
  • Support for SSL and AES-128 bit encryption (requires 3rd party certificate)


Supported Operating SystemsAndroidiOS

Recommended ConfigurationAndroid v3.0 OR iOS v4.xARM Cortex A9 1Ghz dual-core Processor512 MB RAM
Recommended Android DevicesMotorola XoomMotorola Atrix
Recommended iOS DevicesiPhone4iPad2
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