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SCOPIA Mobile is the first enterprise application for the Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® that allows mobile users to connect with full video, audio and H.239 data collaboration to the nearly 2 million installed standards-based video conferencing and telepresence systems worldwide. SCOPIA Mobile users will be able to fully participate in enterprise video and telepresence conferences leveraging the latest mobile devices extending enterprise video conferencing and telepresence to nearly anywhere someone goes with their mobile device.

  • Full 2 way audio and video capabilities
  • See up to 28 participants
  • H.239 interoperable data collaboration
  • Mobile broadband and WiFi capable
  • Connects with MS Lync
  • Integrated firewall and NAT traversall


Video Conferencing

Participate in standards-based video conferences with full two-way video capabilities and see up to 28 participants simultaneously.  Through SCOPIA video infrastructure, SCOPIA Mobile can connect to telepresence systems, standards-based HD video conferencing systems and unified communications applications such as Microsoft Lync for unmatched interoperability.

Data Collaboration with Review

View presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images shared in a conference with standards-based H.239 interoperable data collaboration and be fully engaged as if attending on a video conferencing room system. Participants can also review previously shared materials without interrupting the presenter using RADVISION’s unique advanced data collaboration / slider function.

Control, Moderate and Administer Meetings

Start or stop recording or streaming, lock a conference or end the meeting. View the participants list and mute noisy users, stop cameras or simply disconnect unwanted participants. Change video layouts including rearranging participants through the simple Multi-Touch™ enabled interface. View statistics such as codecs in use, resolution, network speed and loss for troubleshooting.

Easy to Join and Invite Others

Easily join video conferences directly from clicking an email link or through a mobile device calendar; access a company directory to invite attendees, including Microsoft Lync users – all enabled by RADVISION’s advanced enterprise integration.  Additionally invite guest phones and video systems by their number or address.

Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi Capable

Video conference almost anywhere through mobile broadband or Wi-Fi making it a highly effective tool for business travelers.  RADVISION’s NetSense bandwidth estimation and adaptation technology ensures high quality on mobile networks.



Video Conferencing

• Full 2-way audio and video capabilities

Meeting Connection

• Connect to your virtual room or any meeting
• Easily join meetings from device calendar or
email link
• Integrated firewall and NAT traversal
• HTTP tunneling

Data Collaboration

• View presentations, spreadsheets, documents
and images
• Review previously presented materials
• H.239 interoperable
• Simultaneous viewing of video and data


• View the list of participants connected
• Mute the microphone of any attendee
• Stop the camera of any attendee
• Disconnect a participant

Meeting Control

• Start / stop meeting recording and streaming
• Lock the meeting so no one else can join
• Terminate the meeting and disconnect everyone
Video Layout

• Set the layout of a participant to automatic
• Choose the number of participants desired in a
• Rearrange the screen layout for each participant
• Enhanced Multi-Touch gestures for changing
layout, zoom-in on a participant, drag and drop
• View up to 28 participants simultaneously
• Telepresence optimized layouts

Inviting Additional Participants

• Invite by phone number, IP address, E.164 or
• Corporate directory access
• Invite any user from directory
• Invite Microsoft Lync user from directory


• Meeting PIN
• Moderator PIN
• Encryption

Troubleshooting Information

• Meeting rate
• List of SCOPIA MCUs in the call
• Video, audio and content codecs
• Video speed and resolution
• Bandwidth
• Packet loss

SCOPIA Mobile Requirements

Apple iOS Devices
• iOS 4.0 minimum
• Front facing camera for full video conferencing
• Wi-Fi or Mobile Broadband

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