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SCOPIA Control for the SCOPIA XT1000 HD room system is the first Apple® iPad™ application for control of video conferencing room systems. SCOPIA Control provides a highly intuitive user interface for the recently introduced SCOPIA XT1000 HD video conferencing room system.  The learning curve for using a video conferencing system is virtually eliminated with the SCOPIA Control application. First time users can initiate calls, control their video conferencing systems and moderate meetings without any training or introduction.

  • Control your SCOPIA XT1000
  • Integrated room calendar
  • H.239 interoperable data collaboration
  • Complete meeting control
  • Extremely simple to use


The Easy Way to Join Meetings

Join a meeting from the integrated room calendar with a single click. Through the intuitive touch screen interface of the iPadTM, place calls, access your corporate directory and previous calls with no instructions required.

Cost Effective

SCOPIA XT1000 Control runs on the revolutionary iPadTM leveraging its Multi-Touch™ user interface, large screen and high-quality graphics. Utilizing the iPadTM provides a cost effective control application that doesn’t require an expensive, proprietary device.

Receive Advanced Data Collaboration

View presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images shared in a video conference with H.239 interoperable data collaboration. Participants can immediately review previously shared materials and catch up if they arrived late to a meeting or spend additional time on critical points in material presented.

Moderate Your Meeting

Easily invite other meeting participants from your corporate directory. Control your conference through the participants list, mute the microphone, stop the camera or even disconnect other attendees. Change the video layout and number of videos for each participant. Start or pause recording or streaming, lock the conference, extend the meeting time or end the entire conference.

Select video sources, control the PTZ camera, start the presentation and mute the SCOPIA XT1000 microphone for privacy through the elegant iPadTM touch screen.

Meeting Initiation Features

• Call by IP address, E.164, SIP URI
• Call any user or any terminal from the
• Corporate directory access through a
simple search based interface
• Recent calls for repeat dialing

Integrated Conference Room Calendar
• Join meetings from integrated
conference room calendar

Endpoint Control Features

Audio / Video
• Video source selection
• PTZ of main and secondary cameras
• Control of near and far-end cameras
• Volume
• Microphone mute

Data Collaboration
• Start data collaboration from XT1000

• Do not disturb

Meeting Control Features

• View the list of participants connected
• Mute the microphones of participants

Meeting Initiation Features
• Stop the camera of any participant
• Disconnect a participant

Meeting Control
• Start / Stop meeting recording
• Start / Stop meeting streaming
• Lock the meeting so that no one else
can join
• Terminate the meeting and disconnect
Video Layout
• Set the layout of a participant to
automatic, where the video layout
auto-adjusts when attendees join or
• Choose the number of videos desired
in a layout
• Rearrange the screen layout for each
individual participant

Inviting Additional Participants
• Invite by IP address, E.164, or SIP URI
• Invite a phone by its number
• Invite any user from the directory
• Corporate directory access through a
simple search based interface

Troubleshooting Information
• Meeting rate
• List of SCOPIA MCUs in the call
• Video codec
• Audio codec
• Content codec
• Video speed
• Video resolution
• Bandwidth
• Packet loss

Data Collaboration Features

Data Collaboration
• View presentations, spreadsheets,
documents and images
• Review previously presented materials
• Interoperable with H.239 video
conferencing data collaboration

SCOPIA Control Requirements

• Apple® iPadTM
• OS 3.2 minimum
• Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity
• SCOPIA Desktop Server, Elite MCU
and iVIEW v7.5 required for calendar,
corporate directory access, data
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