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RADVISION Scopia 100

Easily connecting High Definition room systems with Standard Definition endpoints and Desktops, the SCOPIA 100 Series is a complete unified communications solution that delivers a very cost-effective, high quality video experience – anywhere and anytime.  Enjoy easy-to-use video connectivity at all levels of the organization – from video conference rooms, desktops and on the road… to partners, colleagues and suppliers. 

  • Connect web based to HD video conferencing
  • Full video and audio transcoding
  • SIP, H.323, H.320 and H.324M support
  • 4 HD, 12 SD or 24 desktop participants
  • 72 additional streaming users



RADVISION’s SCOPIA conferencing solutions offer the industry’s most technologically advanced multipoint infrastructure for real-time conferencing over any network, protocol and device.  Easy to use plug and play functionality minimizes initial setup time,  and offers unmatched flexibility. High Definition (HD) is standard on each system, enabling High Definition at 720p, H.264 with up to 30 frames per second of perfect quality video.

High Definition Video Conferencing Made Easy

The SCOPIA video conferencing solution enables Web-based conferencing to connect with the high quality of High Definition room system equipment and infrastructure.  Users can enjoy ease of use and easy access to online desktop conferencing with the high quality delivered by conventional room systems.

Advanced Video Processing

Video transcoding and rate matching allows each user to connect to the conference at the capabilities available to them.  This enables users to enjoy the best audio and video quality supported by their endpoint and network – whether it is High Definition, Standard Definition, or Desktops on any network.

Optimized Capacity

With the SCOPIA solution’s Optimized Capacity, users receive maximum value for their investment.  Optimized Capacity provides each conferencing application – High Definition room systems, Standard Definition room systems, Desktops, and Audio – the highest capacity at the most effective cost per port.  Processing power is efficiently utilized based on the endpoint’s specific requirements.

Extend the Reach of Video Networks

With SCOPIA Desktop, the video network is accessible to any member of the organization.  Team members can collaborate from the device they choose:  a high end room conferencing system, a branch office or teleworker’s laptop PC, or a mobile device.  For larger audiences, use SCOPIA Desktop’s built-in streaming capabilities to reach out to hundreds of users.

Intelligent Call and Network Management

A Gatekeeper and management system (iVIEW Suite) is included for control, configuration, global view and management of the entire video network, including network devices, endpoints and dial plans.

Easy Ad hoc and Scheduled Meeting Setup

Easy conference access and creation with video auto attendant supporting both ad hoc and scheduled conferences. Meetings can be scheduled from a Web interface, via Microsoft® Outlook™ or IBM®Lotus® Notes®. Scheduled meetings reserve the ports, bandwidth and devices required.

Scalable and Distributed for Right-Sized Capacity

SCOPIA components can be combined to form a highly scalable, centralized or distributed conferencing solution that lets your video network infrastructure grow according to your needs.

Ease of Use

SCOPIA’s complete solutions make video conferencing easy for administrators and users.  Administrators enjoy out-of-box, plug and play functionality that minimizes initial setup time.  Users easily control the conference from the endpoint’s remote control.


  SCOPIA100 12 SCOPIA100 24
Video Participants @ CP HD 4 16
Video Participants @ CP 12 24
Desktop Participants up to 384Kbps 24 48
Additional Streaming Users 72 144
Audio Participants 72 72
Managements Ports – iVIEW Suite (H.323 & SIP,
Scheduler, Management, Gatekeeper)
25 50

Conferencing Solution Components

  • Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCUs) – with full HD video and audio transcoding, SIP and H.323 support
  • iVIEW™ Suite with internal Gatekeeper – for conference scheduling and management
  • SCOPIA Desktop – extends the reach of video networks to desktop and remote users


  • Optimized capacity provides optimized capacity and port cost to each conferencing application working point (High Definition, Standard Definition, Desktop)

Signaling Protocols

  • H.323, SIP, H.320, H.324M

Audio Support

  • Codecs – G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.723.1, G.728, G.729AB, MPEG4 AAC-LC
  • Custom participant entry / exit tones
  • DTMF tone detection (in-band, H.245 tones, and RFC2833)

Video Support

  • High Definition Continuous Presence – H.264 @ 720p up to 30fps
  • Codecs – H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264
  • Live video resolutions – QCIF, CIF/SIF, 4CIF, 288p, 384p, 400p, 448p, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p
  • Presentation video resolutions – VGA, SVGA, XGA, 720p
  • Video bandwidth – up to 4Mbps

Advanced Video Processing

  • Video transcoding, rate matching, text overlay, 28 layout options, dynamic layout according to number of conference participants, lecture mode

Data Collaboration and Presentation Sharing

  • H.239 and DuoVideo for presentation sharing


  • H.235 AES encryption
  • Password protected web GUI user access with multiple levels: Administrator, Operator, User
  • PIN protected conferences
  • HTTPS for secured management

Web-Based Monitoring and Control

  • User-friendly web interface for MCU configuration and conference operation Video Auto-Attendant
  • Leading number
  • IP dialing
  • Multi language

Endpoint Conference Control

  • H.243
  • DTMF


  • DiffServ, TOS, IP Precedence

Desktop Connectivity via SCOPIA Desktop4

  • Live connection (Audio, Video, Data)
  • Streaming mode
  • Built-in NAT and Firewall traversal
  • Virtual room support
  • Easy scheduling via Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Web-based scheduling

Management via iVIEW™ Suite with Internal Gatekeeper5

  • Gatekeeper (H.323 support)
  • B2BUA – Back-to-Back User Agent (SIP support)
  • Supports multiple devices for load balancing and failover
  • User configurable dial-plan
  • Full H.245 routing and control for call monitoring and authorization
  • Network status and statistics
  • Network-wide view of calls and conferences
  • Central terminal configuration
  • Display of events and errors received from elements
  • Easy Web based scheduling and ad hoc video conferencing
  • Complete Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes integration

Chassis Specifications

SCOPIA 100 / 400 Chassis

  • Height: SCOPIA 100 12/24 – 1U; SCOPIA 400 48/72 – 2U
  • 19-inch rack-mountable
  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dual power supply standard on SCOPIA 400 48/72

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating temperature: SCOPIA 100: 0oC to 40oC (32oF to 104oF)
  • Operating temperature: SCOPIA 400: 0oC to 50oC (32oF to 122oF)
  • Storage temperature: -25oC to 70oC (-13oF to 158oF), ambient
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 90% non-condensing
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