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RADVISION’s high-performance, standard-compliant H.323 ECS (Enhanced Communication Server) Gatekeeper provides an intelligent, advanced backbone management system for IP telephony and multimedia communication networks.  ECS provides gatekeeper functionality and everything required to simply and easily define, control and manage voice, video and data traffic over IP networks – no matter how large or complex. 

  • H.323 Gatekeeper functionality
  • Up to 2,000 calls/10,000 registrations
  • Web based management
  • H.341 support
  • Advanced Bandwidth Management


Comprehensive Traffic Management

The SCOPIA H.323 Enhanced Communications Server (ECS) delivers comprehensive, intelligent backbone management of multimedia communication networks.  Highly scalable configurations are available supporting up to 2,000 calls or 10,000 registrations.

Full H.323 Gatekeeper

ECS provides full H.323 Gatekeeper functionality and everything required to simply and easily define, control and manage voice, video and data traffic over IP networks – no matter how large or complex.  Multi-tiered hierarchical support and zone management provide a logical approach for control.

Advanced Bandwidth Control

When managed by iVIEW SCOPIA Management Suite, ECS ensures optimal bandwidth utilization to deliver carrier-grade, best-quality call completion and video collaborative communications over any network and any protocol.

Makes Dialing Simple

Telephone-like calling and DID (Direct Inward Dialing) makes connecting simple.  Flexible dial plan configuration with zone prefixes and support of alias names, numbers, URLs and email addresses offers unequalled flexibility for administrators to simplify communications for their users.

Robust and Reliable

ECS is built for service provider reliability with hot standby functionality for high availability delivering 7×24 service.  Users experience high call completion rates over IP and ISDN networks with advanced fallback policies per number.  Alert indications are available to provide real time event status.


Web-based management, administration and configuration
Management support through iVIEW SCOPIA Management
Call logging for easy fault detection
SNMP trap notifications containing operational status information
Trap severity customization
Open XML interface for advanced authorization and call control capabilities
H.341 support (ITU standard for MIB) for third party customization
Registration restrictions
CLIP/CLIR caller ID presentation control


Available in configurations up to 2,000 calls / 10,000 seats

Simplified Dialing

Multiple level hierarchy for easy PSTN-like dialing and unlimited scalability
Flexible dial plan configuration according to zone prefixes
DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
Support of alias names, numbers, URLs and email addresses
Unresolved alias handling

Call Forwarding and Fallback

Call forwarding policies per dialed number using wild card digits
Least cost routing via multiple zone support
Advanced call fallback includes unconditional forwarding, forward on busy, forward on no answer and forward when not registered
Simplified ISDN call fallback

Bandwidth Management with iVIEW SCOPIA Management

Advanced bandwidth management
Maximum bandwidth control per endpoint, zone and groups of endpoints
Multi sub-zone management

Conference Hunting & Load Balancing

Automatically search resources to ensure that the user request is routed to an available network resource
Conference hunting for MCU farm support
RAI/RAC message support
Group hunting

Hot Standby

Master / Slave architecture for hot standby functionality assuring 24x7 service availability
No special endpoint support required

Enhanced Management Capabilities

Predefined endpoint support
Endpoint grouping for easy bandwidth management and service control
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