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Poly Viewstation

Please note: The Poly Viewstation has been made end-of-life and can no longer be maintained by Poly. Please get in touch to discuss options for your meeting spaces, including newer solutions from Poly and to understand how this may effect your maintenance package. This page is no longer being updated and is for reference only.

The ViewStation range of video conferencing set-top systems from Poly combines flexibility and functionality with portability and a small footprint.

Regardless of the unit specification, the common housing sits comfortably and securely on most monitors or TV’s.

The range offers several different models to fit your requirements and your budget, most of which can be upgraded to higher specification at a later date(Not SP Models).


ViewStation SP128
Entry level ViewStation product. Single H.320/ISDN connection (128K) and IP/H.323 to 768K. Single monitor only.

ViewStation SP384
Triple H.320/ISDN connections (384K) and IP to 768K. Single monitor only.

ViewStation 128
Base model for the mid-range viewstations. Upgradeable throughout the range to full MP functionality (this model does however require factory upgrade). The ViewStation 128 provides a single H.320/ISDN connection (128K) and IP/H.323 to 768K. Supports twin monitors.

ViewStation 512
Upgraded Viewstation 128 with 512K (4 BRI) ISDN capability. The ViewStation 512 also supports IP/H.323 to 768K. Supports twin monitors.

ViewStation H.323
Upgradeable to full MP functionality (local upgrade). The ViewStation H.323 provides IP/H.323 to 768K. Supports twin monitors.

ViewStation MP
Full functionality, mid-range ViewStation. The ViewStation MP provides four H.320/ISDN connections (512K) and IP/H.323 to 768K. A built-in MultiPoint Control Unit delivers both IP/H.323 and ISDN/H.320 multipoint connectivity (dial-out only). Supports twin monitors and microphones.

ViewStation EX
Dual monitor + projector capable, Bandwidth: 768 kbps IP / 512 kbps ISDN, Mixed network multiple site conferences with IP, ISDN and analog telephone interfaces. Add PC audio and XGA content to meeting. See live PC presentations and presenter simultaneously. Embedded multicast streaming to the web.

ViewStation FX
Top of the range ViewStation product. Highly configurable with numerous video and audio I/O connections. Choice of network support from 4 BRI H.320/ISDN (512K), Single E1/T1 Primary Rate (2Meg/1.54Meg), V.35 (2Meg) and IP/H.323 to 2Meg. The system also contains an internal multipoint for H.320 and H.323 (mixed protocol dialling), supports 60 field per second true video and H.263 Dual Stream Video. Multiple microphone and monitor support.

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