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Poly SoundPoint Pro SE225 Desktop Phone

This is an end of life product – Please contact our sales team for the up to date models.


With the Poly® SoundPoint® Pro desktop Conference Phone, smaller rooms and individual offices get the same full-duplex clarity as the boardroom, with a front microphone optimised for hands-free, one-to-one phone conversation.

Press the rear microphone key on the Professional model for group conferencing with 360° coverage.
You can have up to a 3-way unassisted conference right from your desktop. Use it as a handset, in speaker mode, or attach a headset. Change modes with a touch of a key or by lifting the handset.


  • All-in-one communications at your fingertips conferencing handset and headset support
  • High-quality voice clarity with full-duplex conferencing-for natural two-way conversations
  • Caller ID and Caller ID on Call Waiting – identifies incoming calls quickly (USA only, see below)
  • 99-number programmable speed dial – saves dialling time
  • 99-number outgoing and 99-number incoming (with Caller ID)
    call history directories – easily locate and dial stored numbers
  • Keypad activated rear microphone for maximum room coverage

Important Note Although the SoundPoint PRO SE-225 claims to support Caller-ID, this is ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE USA. Poly have yet to make any changes to allow this facility to work in other countries. If you require further information or help with this feature, please contact us.

10 in x 8.9 in x 2.01 in (L x W x H)

2.5 lbs (1 kg)

220VAC,50 Hz

CE/BT approved

Speaker Volume
Adjustable to 81dB peak volume

Microphone Types
Rear: Hypercardoid
Headset Capability
2.5 mm headset jack,button and
Integrated headset hanger

Hearing aid compatible

Audio Bandwidth
200 to 3500 Hz

Caller ID
Type II: With Caller ID on Call Waiting (USA ONLY)

One year

Line Interface
Two-wire analogue
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