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Poly RSS 2000

This is an end of life product – Please contact our sales team for the up to date models.

The Poly RSS 2000 is a centralized server for recording, streaming, and archiving multimedia conferences.

  • Uses the video conferencing network as the production source for videos such as training modules, CEO broadcasts, town hall sessions, knowledge sharing, compliancy, project managements and mass communications
  • Perfect for corporations who want to Web cast events such as company meetings, either live or on demand
  • Leverages the investment in the video conferencing systems, turning them into content generation sources
  • Quickly and affordably enables new usage for the video conferencing systems and rooms
  • Saves time and resources by recording and/or streaming audio/video conferences and extending the communications to employees/partners and customers who could not attend in person


  • Shared network based recorder / streaming device, leveraged across the video conference systems
  • Multiple options for quick and easy recording and streaming from the video conferencing systems, including bridges
  • Up to 1080p High Definition video and Stereo Surround audio for top quality media productions
  • Supports both unicast Video on Demand and Multicast for streaming to large amount of desktops
  • Stacking option to enable scalable growth as your network and application usage grows
  • Content can be downloaded for post editing production or automatically imported into an enterprise wide content management application such as the Poly VMC 1000 video on demand and live broadcast server
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