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Poly RMX 4000

This is an end of life product – Please contact our sales team for the up to date models.

The Poly RMX 2000 Collaboration Server delivers high performance multiparty video, voice & content across your organisation, connecting multiple employees and partners wherever they are located, and on whatever device they choose.

  • Software MCU
  • Interoperable with UC investments
  • Support for CloudAXIS
  • 40xHD 1080p60
  • 120xHD 720p
  • 240xSD, 360xCIF


Organisations was their employees to be able to share their next great idea, face-to-face, wherever they are located, with whatever device, whenever they choose.

Reduce Cost and Complexity Through Innovative Design

The Poly RealPresence Collaboration Server Series offer Software MCU’s that enable multiparty video, voice & content collaboration that connects the most people, at the highest quality but the lowest cost. The RMX 2000 is the middle range collaboration server, with twice the capacity of the RMX 1500 and half the capacity of the RMX 4000.

The unique, innovative architecture of Poly Collaboration Servers reduces costs and complexity. Only the Collaboration Server provides support for AVC and SVC protocols without expensive gateways, extra boxes or added risk.


Above: Poly RMX enabling multipoint video & data collaboration

Protect Your Investments and Prepare for the Future

Based on open-standards, the Collaboration Server series integrates with hundreds of business, Unified Communications and social networking applications and protocols to make it simple to meet with others over video. Connect customers, clients & colleagues without expensive gateways.

Collaboration Server breaks down barriers to video collaboration with broad support for existing and emerging standards, protocols, applications, devices and interoperability between unified communications (UC) environments. Only Collaboration Server platform solutions provide native integration with leading UC applications and support for IP, H.323/SIP, PSTN and ISDN, AVC and SVC, all within a single conference platform.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Experience 3x capacity increase with a simple software download, lower operating expenses with up to 50% less bandwidth utilization and help enable more people on more calls through dynamic resource allocation.

Interoperability without Compromise

Leverage existing and future UC investments without expensive gateways or extra boxes

Highest Resiliency

Leverage the power of Poly Virtualization Management Solutions for reliable, extreme scalability with 100 percent auto-failover.

Universal Collaboration

Remove the barriers to interoperability with broad support for existing and emerging standards, applications, protocols and devices for seamless worldwide collaboration.



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