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Poly Habitat Soundscaping

Poly have combined over 50 years of acoustic engineering research with natural science to create an open office experience, designed for people. Poly Habitat Soundscaping is a modern acoustic soundsystem that combines sight, sound & science; all inspired by nature.

  • Intelligent soundscapes to adapt to the office environment
  • Creating a balance between wellness and productivity
  • Remove distractions, based upon engineering & research
  • Dynamically adapting natural sounds to minimise ambient sounds

Humans are calmed by ambient sound based on the outdoors. Decades of studies and research show we are most focused and calm when presented with the sound of water. Poly have precisely put research and acoustic expertise together to create a multi sensory experience for the open plan office, with waterscape architecture customised for your particular space, so that what you see and hear sounds right and natural.

The Poly Habitat Soundscaping solution inteligently monitors workplace acoustics to manage and adjust speaker volume based on changing conversation levels. As conversations happen, areas around the distraction gain subtle increase in acoustic levels to create a calming sound shield,  that is constantly reacting to protect focus. Why? To leverage power of nature and technology to improve happiness, focus & wellbeing.


The Elements


Strategically placed throughout the space, specially designed speakers create an immersive spatial audio experience that complements the visual elements of the Habitat Soundscaping system and drastically reduces the impact of distracting workplace noise – including speech.<


Real water features complement the nature-inspired audio tracks and provide the innately soothing presence of running water. Virtual displays of serene landscapes integrate with natural sounds to deliver a rich, multisensory experience.

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