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PC Echo Cancellers

Communicating across the internet via PC software enables free calls to people around the world. Audio & Video are possible using a wealth of PC clients. However, audio suffers from echo when people try to use PC systems with speaker and microphone as opposed to headsets. USB based echo cancellation devices eliminate this problem, and are compatible with the majority of PC conferencing software.

communicator-cs-100-skypePolycom CS100 Skype communicator-cs-100-skype

Polycom CX100

cx200Polycom CX200 cx5000_1smPolycom CX5000
chat_50ClearOne CHAT 60 chat_50ClearOne CHAT 70 chat_150_usbClearOne CHAT 150 USB prod_img_med_chat_150_vcClearOne CHAT 150 VC
prod_img_med_chat_150_vcClearOne CHAT 170 pheonix-soloPhoenix SOLO pheonix-duetPhoenix DUET



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