Innex Cube – 4K AI 360° Conference Cam

Unlock the Future of Video Meetings

Innex Cube is more than just a conference camera! It’s a game-changer in the world of virtual meetings. As we transition into a new era of hybrid work and online collaboration, Innex Cube paves the way for an immersive and intelligent meeting experience. This cutting-edge 4K AI 360° Conference Cam combines exceptional technology with a sleek, compact design. Ensuring that every aspect of your video conferences is a step ahead.

4 Lenses for Enhanced Clarity : Experience meetings like never before with the power of four 4K cameras, delivering a panoramic 360° view that captures every detail.

Built-in AI for Intelligent Meetings: Innex Cube is equipped with advanced AI technology that adapts to your meeting dynamics, making video conferences smarter and more efficient.

Multi-People Tracking for Inclusive Conversations: Ensure that every participant is seen and heard with our multi-people tracking feature, creating dedicated close-up shots for everyone in the room.

Versatile Video Modes at Your Fingertips: Switch between various video modes effortlessly with intuitive control buttons, eliminating the need to navigate complex software menus.

Convenient Remote Control: Our user-friendly remote control allows anyone to harness the full potential of Innex Cube’s AI capabilities without the hassle of installing additional software.

Immersive Audio with Omnidirectional Microphones: Capture crystal-clear audio from the centre of the table, ensuring seamless communication during your meetings.

Compact and Stylish Design: Innex Cube’s sleek, compact design fits perfectly on any conference table. The anodised finish adds a touch of elegance to its high-end metallic appearance. Making it a statement piece in any meeting room.

Extendable Stand for Optimal Placement – Position Innex Cube at eye level by adjusting its height with three detachable poles. Accommodating different table heights and ensuring the perfect camera angle.

  • 30cm/12″ with Two Poles: Ideal for standard meeting room tables.
  • 42cm/16.5″ with Three Poles: Perfect for shorter tables.

Minimalist, Desirable, Best in Class: Experience the future of video conferencing with Innex Cube. Its cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and versatile features make it the ultimate choice for enhancing remote collaboration.


With Innex Cube, elevate your meetings to the next level and bring everyone closer, no matter where they are. Revolutionise your video conferencing experience today! Contact our dedicated sales team!

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