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FaceVsion TouchCam V1

The FaceVsion TouchCamTM V1 is a Skype Certified HD camera with a wide-angle lens and built-in hardware H.264 video encoding that delivers brilliant 720p video over an Internet connection with as little as 1Mbit/sec bandwidth.

With the new low-cost TouchCam V1, families and friends separated by great distances can now enjoy stunningly clear 720p HD video call quality and the V1’s wide angle lens let everyone get into the picture.


Connecting with no boundary. Being together is so easy.

The FaceVsion TouchCam V1, closely related to the TOuchCam N1 model is a 720p High Definition VideoCam, equipped with a wide-angle lens and built in hardware H.264 video encoding that provides 720p video even over an internet connection.

Besides being Skype certified, this accessory will also work with other online conferencing applications such as Cisco WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Skype Certified

You can get HD video calls on Skype with FaceVsion TouchCam V1. V1 also works with Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, iChat, WebEx and much more.

Skype Certified HD VideoCam with HD 720p smooth motion

Fast Auto Focus

Images stay sharp, even in close ups (up to 10cm from the camera lens) with built-in auto focus.

FaceVsion TouchCam V1 Auto Focus Camera


Built-in Hardware H.264 Video Encoding

You can enjoy low CPU consumption and multitasking while doing High Definition Video Calls. Effective and efficient.

USB Plug and Play

USB Interface. True plug and play experience with no hassle.


101.9(W) x 28.8(D) x 70.8(H)mm

FaceVsion TouchCam V1 Camera Dimensions

Weight: 105g

White LED indicator
ON: Camera power on
OFF: Camera power off

USB 2.0 High Speed


3P, VCM Auto-Focus
Depth of Focus: 10cm - infinity
Aperture: F/2.0
FOV: 59.3 deg

Power Supply
5V (USB Bus Power)

Effective Pixel
1280 x 800 (MAX)

Output Image Size
HD (1280 x 720, 16:9 format)
HD (960 x 720, 4:3 format)

Video Format
720p, H.264, 22fps
WVGA, YUV, 30fps

Frame Rate
22fps at HD (1280 x 720) with H.264
30fps at WVGA (768 x 480) with YUV

Environmental Compliance
Others (upon request)

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