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Cyviz Viz3D

A portable solution for stereo 3D. Ideal for education and seminars to provide the wow-effect.


Visualize your talent!

The pace of discovery is accelerating at an unprecedented level. This process drives the magnitude and complexity faced across multiple technical disciplines. Whether you are a geologist, researcher, medical practitioner or scientist, visualization is becoming the tool of choice and necessity for modelling, manipulating, collaborating and communicating results. Cyviz Viz3D makes applying visualization a reality in your day-to-day work.

Affordable, one-unit visualization

Cyviz Viz3D includes all electronics, projection devices, connectivity, power, and stereo 3D optimized screen, in one easy to setup and use package. Within minutes you are ready to start applying visualization to your work.

Engineered for excellence

Cyviz Viz3D is designed, engineered, and integrated from the ground up with the user in mind. The projector pairs, the converter electronics, power supply, filters, and signal paths, are all integrated into one simple to use and easy to set-up package. With Cyviz Viz3D you are assured crisp, clear, and precisely aligned images within minutes, allowing you to get down to work fast and reliably.

Brilliantly optimized screens

Whether your work requires front or rear projection, ceiling mount or portable, we have a stereo 3D optimised screen solution for you. Cyviz works with the leading screen manufactures to deliver an unrivalled image quality. Cyviz Viz3D screen sizes can range from 1,5 to 3 meters (5 to 10 feet) – accommodating everything from small workgroups to large lecture halls.

Open architecture

The Cyviz Viz3D supports the widest range of source platforms. From anatomy, to medical imaging, to drug discovery, to seismology and beyond, the Cyviz Viz3D has been tested on the stereo 3D applications in the industry.



  • Everything needed to deploy visualization is integrated in the unit
  • Designed for non-technical users to set up in minutes
  • Portable, celing-mount or front- / rear screen projection
  • Works with a wide range of plattforms, from laptops to large graphics servers
  • Works seamlessly with all 3D stereo applications
  • Delivered in a professional aluminium casing – optional
  • Low noise and heat dissipation

Cyviz Viz3D Converter Specification

Up to WUXGA resolution
Custom resolutions supported
Vertical scan: 60-120hz
Horizontal scan: 15-110Khz
Separate sync, composite sync, and sync on green
Supports frame sequential stereo from any application
Supports interlaced stereo video from any VGA source
Digital soft edge blending for power wall and multi-wall
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