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Cyviz C1

A complete multipurpose collaboration facility. The Cyviz C1 combines data-sharing with telepresence in a fashion that is quite unique. Adding a stunning display surface with advanced source handling and ergonomics makes this a decision-making tool that is extraordinary. 

Environment and Ergonomics

With the Cyviz C1 technology, work environment and ergonomics come together in one seamless solution. The interaction between the professionals and the technology has been thoroughly studied to create a work environment that is both pleasant and efficient. Everything from font-readability, light reflections, view angles for all participants, video camera placement, sound quality and work dynamics has been thoroughly tested.

  • Space efficient solution
  • Optimal view angles
  • Easy display management
  • Environment enhance work-dynamics
  • Excellent Readability
  • Executive state of the art look and feel

Video Processor

The Cyviz video processor provides a fully digital platform for the handling of sources to be displayed on the screen and handles inputs for both dual- and single link DVI as well as all input/output video formats available in the market. It delivers your primary sources in full resolution over the entire screen, and allows for 5 simultaneous sources. In the Cyviz C1, the video processor has been programmed to work with the Cisco (Tandberg) Codec C90 to deliver the ultimate collaboration processor. The Cyviz video processor contains all components needed in a predefined configuration.

  • Cisco (Tandberg) Codec C90
  • Standardized rack – all components configured.
  • Primary source in 4.2 mpx resolution.
  • Secondary sources in HD resolution.
  • Five simultaneous sources
  • Data sharing capabilities
  • Telepresence capabilities
Cyviz C1 display

Data sharing

The Cyviz processor in combination with the Cisco (Tandberg) Codec C90 provides effi cient data sharing in full HD resolution, adding a lot of flexibility for the user. While conducting a video conference, both parties can bring up relevant information on the fly – either as separate Picture in Picture (PiP) or embedded in the conference window (PiP in PiP). If you need to consult additional resources on the topic in question, you can also connect additional sites.

  • All functionality is managed by the Cyviz display controller.
  • Connects multiple locations simultaneously with data sharing.
  • Just one click to share your data source.
  • Scaling of PiPs locally and on the receiving end.
  • Data applications can be embedded in VC (PiP in PiP).
  • Bandwidth sensitive compression will automatically optimize image quality.


Type: Cyviz C1 Custom - Front projected seamless
Size: 3600 * 1200 mm
Resolution: 3600 * 1200 pixels

Type: Black VeLux
Size: 3775mm * 1314 mm

Type: 2 * ProjectionDesign F32 WUXGA
Brightness: up to 5700 ANSIlumens
Mounting: Cyviz aluminium rig and projector adjustment units
Power requirements: Up to 1050 Watt pwe projector
Weight: Up to 15 kg per projector
BTU: > 2900
Contrast: up to 7500:1

Type: Cyviz xr301
Main features: Up to 4 picture in picture (PiP)
Dynamical positioning of PiPs with the
Cyviz Collaboration Controller
Displays workstation from workstation in full resolution
Power requirements: 100 Watts
BTU: 341

Type: TANDBERG Codec C90
Main Features: 1080p HD videoconference with integrated sharing
Full Duplex Audio with High Quality Stereo Sound
Simultaneoulsy connect 3 conferences
Video inputs: Primary video conference camera
Secondary video conference camera or DVD player
2 computer sources with VGA or HDMI
Video input compatability: VGA: 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024
HDMI: 640*480 - 1920*1080
Amplifier: Rack mounted Technical Pro Slimpro stereo amplifier
Loudspeakers: Two wall mounted Bose Freespace DS16S

Type: Rack mounted PC wih Cyviz collaboration Controller Software

Type: Triton RMA-15U
Color: Black
Dimensions: Height: 77cm
Width: 60cm
Depth: 60cm
Net weight: 40kg

Type: HP xw6600 Operating system: WindowsXP 64 bit or Windows Vista 64 bit
Processor and memory: Quad Core Intel Xeon with 8GB system memory
Video card: NVIDIA Quadro FX4800 1.5GB
Disk: 1TB

Type: Cyviz C1 table
Capacity: Up to 8 people
Built in connectors: Workstation USB hub for keyboard, mouse and memory stick
Cyviz Collaboration Controller keyboard, mouse and monitor
VGA/HDMI and audio for 2 computers
Videoconference microphone
Power outlets
8 LAN connectors
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