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Cisco Tandberg Wave

The Tandberg WAVE Camera has been announced End-Of-Life. Please see End-Of-Life Announcements for more information. You may also wish to view All Cameras.


Experience clear pictures, superb colour reproduction and a greater field of view than ever before with TANDBERG’s Wide-Angle View Camera.

The camera’s smart features will zoom in on the speaker with 10 x zoom capabilities, capture the finest details and always keep the subject in focus. Choose between remote controlled camera settings or voice-activated camera tracking with noise suppression. The wide-angle-view camera will enhance your video meetings and create a real-to-life meeting environment.

Multiple Camera Support
Multiple cameras can be connected to videoconferencing systems. Extra cameras provide better coverage of the meeting participants when there are more than five people in a large meeting room. Using the videoconferencing system’s remote control, it is easy to switch between the camera views so that all meeting participants can clearly see each other at any given time making it easier to see each others body language and communicate in a natural way.

Multiple camera support is also useful when a whiteboard is used during a meeting. One camera can be focused on the whiteboard so that whatever is written on the whiteboard will be seen clearly without the speaker having to move the camera or make any adjustments to the camera angles.


  • 13CCD Colour Camera PAL or NTSC
  • 10 x zoom
  • 1/4″ CCD
  • +15°/-20° tilt
  • +/-95° pan
  • 61° vertical field of view
  • 96° total vertical field of view
  • 77° horizontal field of view
  • 267° total horizontal field of view
  • 460 (PAL) / 470 (NTSC) horizontal TV lines
  • Min. illumination 2 Lux (F1.8)
  • Auto or manual focus, brightness and white balance
  • Far end camera control
  • 15 near and far-end camera pre-sets
  • Voice-activated camera positioning
  • Daisy chain support for up to 4 cameras
  • VISCA camera support.


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