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Canon VCC50i

Powerful Pan, Tilt and Zoom Communication Camera

The VC-C50i features a state-of-the-art optical system for high level security monitoring. Benefits include a wide surveillance range and exceptional performance in low-light conditions.

Outstanding zoom capacity to capture every detail
With a 26x optical zoom provided by a powered Canon telephoto lens, the VCC50i communication camera produces extremely close-up images. Furthermore, a 12x digital zoom allows any area to be electronically enlarged for detailed examination. This enhanced optical system is based on Canon’s long heritage in lens technology – making these cameras ideal for critical surveillance applications, where accuracy and precision are essential.

Superb performance in low-light conditions
The camera can deliver colour images even when operating in very poor lighting conditions – as low as 1 lux – thanks to a bright f/1.6 lens and a slow shutter speed. The VCC50i can also produce monochrome images in total darkness (0 lux), using its Infrared Night Mode. An integral LED illuminator provides a viewing range of up to 3 metres, showing objects which are not visible to the naked eye. Additional infrared lighting can extend the viewing range still further.

Extended range with crystal-clear recorded images
The VC-C50i features a remote controlled Pan and Tilt mechanism with a wide 200° pan and 120° tilt range. The camera has 9 preset positions, controlling camera angles as well as zoom and AE settings. A 400K pixel CCD ensures smooth and sharp recorded images. Plus, Automatic Noise Reduction further improves image quality by processing the image before transmission.

Advanced connectivity for easy integration
A single 20-pin multi-connector accommodates S-Video and RS-232C control signals. This provides quick and easy connectivity to other devices, for simple integration into your existing system with minimal cabling. A cascade facility allows up to 9 cameras to be connected together, via the RS-232C interface. The cameras are fully compatible with Canon’s VB150 Camera Server. And, although the camera can be connected to a host PC or camera server, an Infrared remote control handset is supplied, allowing the operator to control the PTZ functions locally.


  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera with 9 preset positions
  • 26x Optical Zoom with powered telephoto lens
  • Superior performance in low-light conditions
  • Built-in Infrared illuminator
  • Easy set up and advanced connectivity
  • Cascade control facility for up to 9 cameras

Canon VCC50i / Canon VCC50iR

Zoom Ratio
26 x (at infinity focus)

Focal Length
3.5 ~ 91mm

1.7° (telephoto) ~ 42° (wide)

Maximum f/number
f/1.6 ~ f/4.0

Minimum Subject Illumination
1 lux (visible light mode, at 1/30 electric shutter speed)

Auto / Manual / Fixed at infinity

Focusing Region
Wide: 0.01m ~ infinity
Telephoto: 1.6m ~ infinity

Auto iris servo system

Shutter Speed
AUTO, 1/1, 1/50, 1/80000 sec

Imaging Device
¼" CCD (charge-coupled device)

Video System

Number of pixels

Horizontal: 460 TV lines;
Vertical: 350 TV lines

Scanning System
Interlaced 2:1

Luminance Signal / Noise Ratio
48 dB

White Balance
Auto / Manual / One-push

Imaging Mode
Visible light mode / Infrared light mode

Infrared Lighting Type
GaAIAs Infrared radiation LED's x 4

Infrared Lighting
Effective Range 3 metres

Infrared Light Wavelength
870nm (peak value)

Character Display
Setting, Clock

Pan Angle Range
VC-C50i: ±100°;
VC-C50iR: ±170°

Tilt Angle Range
VC-C50i: -30° ~ +90°;
VC-C50iR: -90° ~ +10°
Rotation Speed
Pan: 1 ~ 90° / sec;
Tilt: 1 ~ 70° / sec

Zoom Speed
5 seconds at maximum speed from telephoto to wide end

Infrared Cut Filter
Power-driven insertion and removal (normal / night mode)

Preset Positions
20 presets for Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus

Cascade Control
Maximum 9 interconnected cameras


DC Barrel connector (via AC adapter, supplied)

LED Green LED (Camera in operation)

Auto / Manual / Fixed at infinity

Focusing Region
Wide: 0.01m ~ infinity
Telephoto: 1.5m ~ infinity

Composite Video
Output BNC connector

S-Video Output
Via 20-pin multi connector/4 Pin Mini-DIN

RS-232C Control
Via 20-pin multi connector/ 8 Pin Mini-DIN

Rated Input Voltage
13V DC

Power Consumption

Current Consumption

AC Adapter Input Voltage
AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)
VC-C50i: 96 x 100 x 125mm
VC-C50iR: 98 x 130 x 125mm

VC-C50i: 418g
VC-C50iR: 488g
AC Adaptor: 205g

Installation Environment
Operating Conditions
0°C ~ 40°C

Relative humidity
20% ~ 85% (condensation free)

Permissible Camera Installation
Angles from horizontal
±20° (camera unit only)
±15°(camera with wide angle converter)
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