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Avocor F50 series


Avocor F50 series: Delivering the ultimate experience for usability and collaboration.

The Avocor F50 series of interactive, collaborative displays represents the very latest in touchscreen technology innovation. Built on an entirely new platform, the F50 comprises a beautiful, sleek, lightweight design and offers seamless integration and compatibility with the Unified Communications tools already in use within your organisation. Enjoy a superior touch and white-boarding due to the dramatically thin, next generation InGlass™ from FlatFrog touch technology while the 2mm optically bonded glass delivers a smooth, accurate and pixel perfect user experience.

Key Features:
•The Avocor F50 series introduces first-to-market technology, combining 2mm optically bonded glass with FlatFrog InGlass™ technology.
•The F40 supports 20 points of ultra-fast Avocor Intelligent Touch, delivering a superior writing and annotation experience compared to alternative touch technologies available on the market.
•Optimised for Windows 10, the Avocor F50 includes the edge swipe functionality,future proofing the display. The F50 also features an ultra-thin pen and benefits frompen aware functionality which transitions intuitively between pen, finger and palm fora smooth user experience.
•The F50 series includes our Advanced Connect and Control Bar which brings simplicity to the display by providing the ability to easily switch input sources. The flush,backlight buttons enhance the display while the control bar includes a dedicated wireless sharing button for connecting 3rd party devices.
•4K screen resolution provides pristine, crystal-clear images that can fill more of the field of vision while the integrated 30W, front-facing soundbar module delivers a superior audio experience.The F50 also includes a microphone array with 4x microphones, enabling users to connect with 3rd party UC based software platforms to create an immersive audio environment

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