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Zooming back to the office!

News item: May 21, 2020
Avocor, Poly and Zoom Rooms for Touch Solution

Our technology partner Avocor has teamed up with Zoom to release the ALZ series – a line of Zoom native interactive displays. The following news item has been reposted from AV Magazine, click here to see the full article.

Avocor’s solution for incorporating the best of remote conferencing back into the post-Covid-19 office environment.

Over the last few months Zoom has shown itself to be a platform that achieves what all technology strives for: it just works. Millions of end users have become comfortable with the interface. Teenagers and students are uploading tips to TikTok and even our grandparents are becoming familiar with it. The next generation is using Zoom for classes and it’s going to be a mainstay in workplace technology.

The AV channel is inundated with predictions about what the return to work will look like and how that will affect the industry, and one thing everybody agrees on is that video conferencing will be playing a much larger role in our day-to-day lives. Combine that with 300 million daily users and Zoom looks to be THE platform of the future.

It is in this environment that our Logitech and Zoom collaboration, the ALZ series, has the potential to shine. It combines Logitech MeetUp with an Avocor display and Zoom-ready Avocor Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Windows-10 module with Intel Core i7 processor, to seamlessly enable powerful and secure communication as well as whiteboard saving and sharing, including all annotations and ideas.

The ALZ Series was launched last year and has already proved to be popular, but as long-distance travel just for the sake of meetings becomes less popular, an all-in-one VC solution that makes the most Zoom will be an extremely useful tool.

Avocor shares Zoom and Logitech’s philosophy of making powerful collaboration frictionless. Logitech is also a legend in video conferencing. We have created six cost-effective and complete Zoom Rooms for Touch systems that help companies of every size and scale work and collaborate more efficiently, with zero compromise.

End users across the globe have all been forced to jump into the deep end of remote work by Covid-19, but the upshot is a self-taught workforce that is now just as comfortable using Zoom as dialling a number on their phone. The ALZ series is perfectly suited to provide workplaces with an all-in-one installation that allows teams and individuals to collaborate from the office to anywhere.

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