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VC-C50 VideoConferencing range Launched by VideoCentric

News item: September 19, 2005

London, UK – September 19th 2005 – VideoCentric today launched two professional desktop video conferencing bundles based on the new Canon VC-C50 PTZ camera with 26x zoom, echo-cancelled tabletop microphone, USB adapter and H.264 control software from Polycom & Emblaze-VCON.
The Canon VC-C4 has been one of the most popular professional PTZ cameras in the world for the last 5 years; its high quality, advanced pan, tilt & zoom features, remote control and compact size making it ideal for use as a professional “USB web-cam” with PCs and laptops. The newly announced Canon VC-50 has additional features which extend VideoCentric’s desktop video conferencing range although lower priced VC-C4 versions will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. The new VC-C50-VC videoconferencing packages gain their accelerated performance from PVX or vPoint software options offering speeds up to 2Mbps over broadband IP networks together with loud-speaking echo-free audio from a separate boundary mic.

VideoCentric’s exclusive bundles are particularly useful in schools where PCs and projectors are used with a SMARTBoard. Supplied as a complete package or as an upgrade kit, the Canon-VC bundle allows a teacher to dial-out a video call by touching the screen surface and to drag the video window around the screen using his/her finger, making it ideal for data sharing applications.

Services offered by VideoCentric in support its Canon VC bundles include:-

a) On-site customer demonstrations
b) Next day delivery from UK stock
c) Extended warranty options
d) Trade discounts with non-competitive policy for partner resellers & integrators
e) Training of reseller’s sales/technical staff
f) Interoperability testing with all leading brands, inc Tandberg, SONY, Polycom, VCON, Radvision, Codian and others.

In addition to video conferencing, some of the packages includes “one-to-many” interactive multicast streaming allowing a teacher to broadcast to numerous students and open the floor for questions, whereby students can be seen and heard by all, under the control of the streaming originator.

For vertical integrators those wishing to build the Canon VC package into their own banking, finance, agency or medical application, a full SDK (software developer’s toolkit) has also available through VideoCentric.

Speaking at Canon’s press launch in London today, David Shimell, Sales Director for VideoCentric, said, “VideoCentric’s new Canon-VC bundles are available for immediate demo and shipment. Our resellers are being offered an extra special trade discount on demo systems which will run up to the end of the year and training will be offered on an ongoing basis”.

For more information, trade discounts, email, phone +44 (0)118 9798910

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