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Pexip Infinity V13: What’s new?

News item: November 1, 2016
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Pexip has recently upgraded their demo platform, ready for the upcoming Pexip Infinity 13 release, with some fantastic new features soon available on the platform. So what’s coming?

Branding Improvements and Watermarking

The Pexip platform has always been great for customisation, enabling customers and partners to brand and design their virtual meeting rooms and web pages to increase brand awareness and drive engagement. The new Infinity 13 now allows Pexip admins to add their own watermarking logo or information to the upper left corner of conferences, even able to be specified to an individual VMR. 

Plus, Infinity V13 enables personalisation of other screens, including PIN entry screens, enabling administrators to quickly set up and brand their own VMRs and conferencing spaces. 

Included Powerpoint sharing across Platforms

This new feature of Infinity 13 enables those using a standards-based endpoint or WebRTC to see shared Powerpoint presentations, when connected to a Skype meeting. Previously, Skype for Business users upload their PPT presentations to the conference, and then browse through them as shared files, which doesn’t traditionally transfer across to other users dialled into the meeting. No longer a problem! Pexip Infinity 13 makes this simple and seamless.

Automated Cloud Burst

Pexip Infinity already provides cloud bursting capabilities, enabling the conference to burst into the cloud when the on-premise capabilities have been reached. Infinity 13 has expanded the cloud burst functionality, meaning it can now be fully automated to overflow into cloud servers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, whenever the usage requires it. 

Find out more about Cloud Bursting >>

Administrator Usability Improvements

  • You can use the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface to transfer a participant to another conference.
  • Improved conference media graph — when viewing the status of an ongoing conference the media graph now highlights the nodes and endpoints within each system location. You can also view the current media load for each Conferencing Node, see real-time packet loss data for each connection, and use your mouse to pan and zoom the graph.
  • You can view the current and historical (last 7 days) capacity and media load of a system location.
  • You can view the historical (last 7 days) media load of a Conferencing Node.
  • The Pexip Infinity Administrator interface now uses drop-down menus and has a lighter color scheme. (The submenu groupings and order are unchanged.)
  • Tables now allow multi-level sorting.
  • The status of a self-signed TLS certificate on the Management Node or on a Conferencing Node is shown as Temporary.
  • You can specify a free-format description when configuring NTP, DNS and syslog servers.

Other great new features are going to be available in the V13 release too, including lots of directory improvements, device provisioning and the ability to disable individual codecs from your negotiations.

Watch this space for the Pexip V13 announcement and contact us today to discuss the Pexip platform or to try it out in a demo!

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