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New: Stream BlueJeans Events via YouTube Live

News item: November 11, 2020
Reaching your largest online audience just got even easier with the BlueJeans Events integration for YouTube Live! Increase attendee count and drive more guests to your YouTube page for marketing webinars, customer events, and live entertainment.
Upon customer request this new integration can quickly be enabled to broadcast your BlueJeans Event through YouTube Live, with privacy options to control viewer access via public, private, or unlisted join links.
Rather than requiring that your participants join through BlueJeans, create a flexible viewing environment for anyone by hosting your video presentation within YouTube Live. Event organizers frequently focus on building and growing a community of subscribers that tune in for like-minded content. Now, the ability to broadcast a production-grade video experience with multiple on-camera speakers brings YouTube page followers together with the chance to comment, like, and engage with other viewers.
Ensure every aspect of your YouTube Live video, audio, screen share, and uploaded media is delivered flawlessly with BlueJeans Events.
More Seats in Your Virtual Theatre 
For users with BlueJeans Events and YouTube Live accounts the integration opens more opportunities for audience participation. Meaning, those attendees you invite with the BlueJeans Events URL join link get complete access to all engagement features within the platform. For those watching via YouTube Live the video stream is view-only with the ability to respond to content in the group comments, like, and share your presentation.
This gives event managers more latitude by offering an ‘overflow’ section and extending the invitation to millions of potential audience members from all over the world.
How It Works 
As the BlueJeans Events moderator, after you’ve hit the ‘start broadcast’ button you’ll be prompted with a dropdown to ‘select platform.’ Choose the YouTube Live option and authenticate your Google (YouTube) username and password to connect your accounts.
On the next page you can create your YouTube Live event name, it’s recommended to use the same title as your BlueJeans Event name to prevent confusion. Before starting your YouTube Live broadcast select your privacy setting as unlisted, private, or public. This determines whether YouTube viewers must be invited to your event or if they can attend through search or as a subscriber of your page. Now, hit ‘go live and start broadcast’ to stream your BlueJeans Event through YouTube Live!
Make sure you’ve also enabled YouTube’s live streaming option within your account settings – this takes 24 hours before the feature is activated.
Learn how our all-in-one event management solution is designed for large-scale streaming through a moderator dashboard, real-time video promotion control, and audience interactivity for polling, Q&A, and live chat. Try BlueJeans Events free for 14 days!
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