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Lifesize Debuts Real-time Reporting and Live Meeting Statistics

News item: February 6, 2020
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Lifesize released new capabilities within their Lifesize Admin Console, to help IT administrators more effectively monitor video meetings in progress, identify possible disruptions and support video conferencing remotely. Available now, customers can leverage powerful real-time reporting, with updated admin dashboards and live stats, enabling the monitoring of call quality, usage and performance. These insights allows the admin to proactively avert and address many of the technical issues that detract from a users’ experience of video meetings.

“Video meetings contain a wealth of data that’s only just now being tapped; real-time reporting and live meeting statistics reveal substantive, actionable insights about a meeting’s quality and how to diagnose any issues with the technologies powering it. Lifesize has always been committed to making IT admins more effective, independent stewards of the ideal video meeting experience, and these features are in direct support of that mission.”

– Michael Helmbrecht, COO Lifesize.

The real-time reporting and live statistics offered enable admins to view all the calls and minutes used across their organisastion, organised into users, devices, dates and platforms, and allows participants locations and join/leave time to be monitored, whether the conference is being recorded and other monitoring features for particular meetings.

Admins are provided the tools to better understand how their employees are utilising their video conferencing solution, and immediately diagnose technical issues.

The new real-time reporting offering includes data for packet loss, video resolution, bitrates and content resolution. In the first quarter of 2020, Lifesize are also providing an automated call quality rating for participants in both live and past meetings, to inform admins of each  meeting’s overall quality.

 “The Lifesize Admin Console already allows us to remotely manage all our meetings and Icon room systems from a lone IT office, and we look forward to using even more advanced capabilities in the future.”

– Mike Hellings, Multimedia Manager, Kansas City University.

Lifesize customers can now expect to access their console for data and insight into:

  • Understand usage and requirements. Properly allocate network resources and centrally manage global video conferencing deployments by keeping tabs on deep analytics into video, audio and content sharing tendencies, as well as participant location and device.
  • Assure premier meeting experiences. Ensure every user in the organization enjoys a consistent, uninterrupted high-definition video collaboration experience every time they meet by monitoring call quality on a regular basis or in real time for high priority meetings.
  • Troubleshoot rapidly and confidently. Proactively diagnose and respond to technical issues in a data-driven manner faster and more efficiently with new at-a-glance views of live and past meeting health.


To learn more about the Lifesize Admin Console or watch a demo of real-time reporting and live meeting statistics, get in touch with VideoCentric, UK Gold Lifesize Partner, today.

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