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Cisco Software Release CE8: Important Customer Announcement

News item: December 9, 2015

Cisco have released the Cisco Collaboration Endpoint CE8 software version, for the Cisco MX200 G2, MX300 G2, MX700, MX800, MX800 Dual, SX10, SX20 and SX80 endpoints.

The Cisco CE Software provides a whole host of new features and functionality for the compatible systems, including:

  • Cisco Intelligent Proximity
  • Multistream
  • Microphone LED behaviour changes
  • Advanced settings on-screen authentication
  • SX20 Quick Set user interface is aligned with SX10 Quick Set when used with TRC6 controller
  • Supported resolutions
  • 1080p presentation resolution on SX10 Quick Set

For more information about each of these new features and more, see the release notes here.

 The Cisco CE Software is a new software platform for Cisco Collaboration endpoints, and will ultimately replace the TC software platform currently running on many organisations Cisco endpoints. However Cisco have made us aware that this is not a direct software upgrade and although it inherits fundamentals from the TC software, it should be considered as a new software platform, not a continuation. 

What is not supported?

The Cisco Collaboration Endpoint software platform is not supported by the Cisco “legacy” TelePresence portfolio, including the C Series, Profile Series, EX Series and MX G1 series. 

In addition, the following features and equipment is not supported with the CE software:

  • Cisco TelePresence Touch 8 (touch panel controller replaced with the Touch 10)
  • Cisco TRC5 remote control and below (replaced by the TRC6 remote control)
  • Multiway (replaced by ad-hoc conferencing)
  • Medianet
  • TC Console

Cisco TRC5 vs TRC6 remote control

Above: TRC5 remote (left) and TRC6 remote (right)


Cisco Touch 8 vs Touch 10 touch panel controllers

 Above: Cisco Touch 8 (left) and Cisco Touch 10 (right)

What does this mean?

Many Cisco SX20 endpoints utilise either the Touch 8 or TRC 5 remote control. The new CE software is not compatible with devices using these controls, and so should not be upgraded to this CE software. However, it has been brought to our attention that the TC level software has been moved to “maintenance mode” and therefore will receive security and bug fixes, with all development now focused on the CE software platform only.

Unfortunately this means that those with systems using a Touch 8 or TRC5 remote control are being, in our opinion, “left in limbo”. Either don’t upgrade to the newest feature set, or upgrade all of your controllers without Cisco support. Unfair? We think so.  

So what are VideoCentric doing?

We recognise this is not ideal, and therefore feel that we would like to offer our customers a unique trade-in/rebate programme that upgrades your controllers so that you can utilise the new software. We are providing a programme that will see VideoCentric absorb up to 100% of the cost of upgrading to these new controllers, dependent upon maintenance levels and purchases made through VideoCentric. 

If you have purchased any effected systems through VideoCentric, or have systems maintained by us, we urge you to get in contact and discuss this opportunity with your account manager ASAP. We believe it is important for customers to move across to the CE software, and are doing everything we can to assist you in doing so. Let us know if you need help with upgrading your systems, or find out more about how this announcement could effect you by contacting us today



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