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Cisco Announce $700 Million Acquisition Intent for Acano

News item: November 20, 2015
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Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) have today announced intent to purchase Acano Ltd, to improve it’s delivery of providing video everywhere and providing the best collaboration experience across every endpoint, screen, workplace and user.

Based in London, Acano provides collaboration infrastructure and conferencing software, with hardware & software including gateways and video and audio bridging technology allowing organisations to connect video conferencing and collaboration systems from many vendors, across both cloud & hybrid environments.

With the huge shift in the business world towards collaboration, customers want the ability to connect from anywhere, whether from dedicated video conferencing endpoints or software and applications on mobile devices. Acano’s technology and expertise will enable Cisco to accelerate development in scalability and interoperability to help deliver solutions that connect to any system, regardless of the vendor.

Acano, known as the “Brainchild” of former Cisco and Tandberg executives,has focused its development on products and solutions that connect a wide variety of endpoints and systems from all the major collaboration vendors, including Polycom, Lifesize, Microsoft and Cisco itself, and includes enhanced support from Microsoft’s proprietary protocols and mobile browsing through WebRTC. This commitment to interoperability is likely to enhance Cisco’s ability to deliver video from the cloud to any display.

Acano have also solved key challenges in delivering scalable collaboration via both dedicated hardware and virtualised software, allowing customers to connect hundreds and thousands of users and meeting spaces without effecting the audio, video and data collaboration experience. In today’s mobile world, as collaboration solution adoption grows, the infrastructure model needs to support a ever growing number of users and systems, and Cisco will utilise this ability to accelerate their position in the marketplace.

The Acano acquisition is likely to take place in April 2016, and will join the Cisco Collaboration Technology Group led by Rowan Trollope. Cisco are looking to pay $700 million for the business.

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